Tiny Tots

A must for all enthusiastic four year olds at Yass, the Tiny Tigers (Tiny Tots) are prefect for parents looking to entertain the whole family on a Tuesday afternoon (4:30pm) .

The Tiny Tots group is focused on group activitiesfull of fun, colour, team work and skills. The Tiny Tots’ activitiesare designed by our club coaches and teach and improve the childrens basic motor skills, co-ordination and ensure the children have a great time in a fun safe group environment.

Not athletics, it’s funletics for kids

Children must be 2 and no older than 5 by December to be registered. A registration number will not be issued and Tiny Tots are required to wear our club uniform.

Membership also includes registration with ACT Playgroups who are our Tiny Tots sponsors. All of our members are covered by the ACT Playgroups insurance policy.

Tiny Tots does rely on a lot of parental involvement and at least one parent must be ring side to assist with their child.

Tiny Tot Registration

Tiny Tots start at 4:30pm Tuesdays during our summer season at Victoria Park, with warm up exercises then onto the activities. Depending on the numbers, Tiny Tots will break up into several groups (usually 5-6), each group plays one activity and then when the whistle sounds the groups will move onto the next.

Activities include junior versions of hurdles, shot put, discus, running races, balance beam, long jump, parachute play, hula hoops and ball games. The fun goes for 45 minutes and ends usually at 9:30am, before it gets too hot.

In Tiny Tots we don’t record race times, placings, etc. Tiny Tots is more focused on fun and learning the basics.

At times during the season the main age groups will clear the main straight track to make way for the Tiny Tots to do the 40 metre sprint. As a parent it is a wonderful sight to see your 4 year old child running down the track and staying in his/her lane, while all the other parents and athletes are cheering for them on from the side.

Tiny Tots who turn 5 are eligible to become a registered Yass and Ginninderra Tiger Cub.

Tiger Cubs (5-8 yrs)

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