Little Athletics Training

Little Athletics training at Victoria Park in Yass is conducted on a Tuesday afternoon from 5pm.

The season starts on the 23rd October 2018 and breaks on the 11th December 2018. Training then recommences on Tuesday the 5th of February 2019 right through to the 26th  of March 2019.

  • First half of season – 8 weeks: 23/10/18 to 11/12/18
  • Second half of season – 8 weeks: 5/2/19 to 26/3/19
  • Presentation Evening: 2/4/18

Coaches and elite athletes from Ginninderra Athletics routinely attend training sessions at Victoria Park to assist in coaching.

There is also training available in Canberra for any NSW-based students who study in the ACT.

Saturday morning competitions

Competitions are held on a Saturday morning on the Grass Track at Charnwood (ACT) from 8:30am for Tiny Tots to Under 8s, 9:30am for Under 9s to Under 11s, and 9:50am for Under 12s to Masters. All members of Yass Little Athletes are also members of Ginninderra Athletics in Canberra and participation on a Saturday morning is free.

Mike Poulton offers a ride share from Victoria Park for anyone interested in attending Saturday competitions in Canberra.

There is a Come & Try Day at Charnwood Oval on Saturday the 13th October and the first normally weekly competition starts on the 29th October.

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